Synergy - Synchromodal Network Global Services offers port-to-door logistics services, with a firm commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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Reduction of emissions equivalent to 13,000 trees in the year 2018.

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More than 30 weekly train circulations between the Port of Barcelona and the north and center of Spain.

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Up to 11 days of transit time savings for the main Far East ports embarking for the Port of Barcelona.

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Direct connection with more than 200 ports worldwide through the Port of Barcelona.

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Our customers are increasingly requesting greater diversification of services from us in order to face new challenges and meet market demands. Thanks to our integrated service offering, we provide exceptionally efficient solutions for a broad range of shipping and handling needs.

Container Repair

We carry out container repairs for the main shipping companies. This helps prevent equipment rejections.

Wine Industry

In addition to handling transportation, we place thermal and insulating blankets inside the containers for transporting wines.

Filling in Terminal

For goods that will later be loaded onto a train, filling in terminal allows us to increase per-container tonnage as compared to truck freight and so achieve a reduction in cost per ton.


We can carry out the transfer of goods from a conventional truck to a container or vice versa and are capable of handling goods from any loading point, even if it does not have a dock.

We know how important goods are for you and your business, as well as the true value of being able to transport them from point to point. Sometimes it is not a big deal and sometimes it is not that easy and needs to be planned, optimized and organized to clear the path and arrive on time at the destination you precise. Making your business efficient is our mission and we are doing it for good.

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SYNERGY connects for the first time the Port of Barcelona with the Container Terminal of Miranda (TCM)

OCT 17 2018

From Miranda's facilities of Ebro, SYNERGY will offer, besides the purely railway services, services of storage, services of emptying and filling of containers, as well as service of transportation.