SYNERGY Joins the "Silk Road" Initiative

JUL 18 2018

On December 19, 2017, Hutchison Logistics Spain, whose intermodal operations have been operated by SYNERGY since last June, participated as a railway operator in the connection of the first container shipped between the Maritime Terminal of Zaragoza and Zhengzhou (China). This first train represented the first consolidated service between Zhengzhou, in China, and Zaragoza, thus joining two important logistics nodes with many similarities, and represents a pioneering service by allowing for the consolidation of goods destined to different points in China into the same container, meaning that our client companies no longer have to fill a full container to enjoy the advantages of rail freight.

This freight traffic has become fully operational such that on July 18, 2018, the first export train to China departed from the Maritime Terminal of Zaragoza, marking a new milestone in the commercial relations between the two countries and opening up new opportunities for intermediate destinations. The goods transported belonged to the renewable energy industry and were shipped as a dedicated 15-container convoy, going from the tmZ company to their final destination in the Xinjiang region of China, to which cargo would later be added in Germany and Poland.

The transit time of the convoys will be only 24 days, less than half of what it would take by sea, estimated at 55 days. Indeed, the intercontinental rail freight line aims to provide greater competitiveness to user companies, broadening the range of logistics options available to them, as until now maritime transport has been the most economical solution when delivery times were not critical, while air freight has been the fastest but is also the most expensive. Rail freight, which also works to reduce delivery times, is now positioned as a new intermediate cost alternative: faster than sea freight and cheaper than air.

The Maritime Terminal of Zaragoza began operating in 2001 as a joint venture between the Port of Barcelona, which sought to expand into the country's interior, and Merca Zaragoza, its largest shareholder, which was working on the creation of its agrifood logistics export platform. In its management model, the division between the infrastructure management company (tmZ) and the operator (tmZ Services), in which Hutchison Ports BEST is a shareholder, is a noteworthy and efficient arrangement.

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