Heat Treatment


The termodesinfección consists of a treatment with hot air in the interior of the container at a temperature and duration determined, depending on the type of agent who has to fight.

Has the same effectiveness as the rest of the chemical systems of maritime containers is effective, clean, and efficient, thanks to its innovative system and to operate it in the same terminal.

In our Barcelona terminal we have a new system of disinfection of containers by heat within the facilities of the terminal
Hutchison Ports BESTin the port of Barcelona.

This service responds perfectly to the demands of many actors of the Supply Chainincreasingly common, to avoid the use of chemicals to disinfect your goods.

Treatment of fumigation of goods for export

Where to apply this system

  • Disinfection of the goods.
  • Disinfection of pallets transported.
  • Disinfection of empty container.
  • Disinfection for the loading of certain products.

Advantages of the use of this service

At the international level, there are already countries that are limiting the use of some chemicals and incorporating the termodesinfección as a valid system for their imported goods. This is the case of China, with goods such as wood, and Australia and New Zealand, in a wide range of products.

The authorities of these two countries in Oceania have already authorized the novel system of Synergy and Altius for the protocol BMSB (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug), is mandatory for exporting to these countries and many customers have already started using it with the great advantage of working within the terminal itself Hutchison Ports BEST, which has the largest supply sea to Australia and New Zealand in the Port of Barcelona.

Terminal services

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