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Reduces the environmental impact and energy thanks to the transport of your containers reefer with our train from the Port of Barcelona (Terminal BEST) to the north of Spain and France. For your import / Export in the EU.

What is a Container, Fridge Container or Reefer?

Transport of goods that require a temperature-controlled transit. Products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat are goods that are typical to send in this type of shipping container. The reefer containers are equipped with a refrigeration unit which is connected to the power grid of the ship, the port terminals and train and trucks.

Container fridge, a key piece in the transport of perishable goods

Characteristics of a refrigerated container:

  • They are designed to maintain the temperature, humidity and atmosphere of the container at a constant value during the whole transit time
  • There are 4 settings that need to be taken into account when you send refrigerated cargo: temperature, ventilation, moisture and drainage.
  • Temperature: all refrigerated containers standard are built to maintain a temperature between +25 ° C and -25ºC to load chilled and frozen. A certain percentage of the reefer fleet in the world it is capable of maintaining a temperature of up to -35 ° C or even less. The special containers (supercogeladores) can maintain a temperature of up to -70ºC.

Type of equipmentDimensions* (l x w x h)
20'RF5,5 x 2,2 x 2,2 / 28 m3
40' RF11,6 x 2.2 x 2.2 / 59 m3
40' HRF5,5 x 2,2 x 2,5 / 28 m3
*Approximate measurements subject to shipping, and the series manufacture of each container

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