Synergy will close by 2022 with a growth of 40%

The railway operator Synergy expected to complete a 2022 “very positive”, according to its director general, Paul Garcia.

“Our forecasts are closing the year with a growth of 40% in Spain, While in France, thanks to the confidence of existing and new customers, we will double the number of TEUs moved with respect to the previous year,” said Garcia to Journal of the Port.

Yes, in these months, we observe a slowdown of the market, which continued in the first half of 2023. According to Paul Garcia, “hernos begun to notice since October, a decrease in the volume of traffic, which we hope will keep in the first sernestre of next year, with the intention that
this trend will change in the summer and return to recover the volumes that we have been doing in the first three quarters of 2022, where we have not stopped growing,” says the director general of Synergy.

In the short term, the company has as main objective to work to consolidate his stake in the terminal intermodal de Agoncillo, launched at the end of summer.

Remember that the new Logistics Center Intermodal de La Rioja (CLIR), in Agoncillo, is a Group initiative Royo with the support of the Government of la rioja, Synergy, Hutchison BEST and the Port of Barcelona.

Opened last September 26, implies an intermodal infrastructure very ambitious for the intermodal connecting to the ports of a region of great potential as La Rioja, with the participation of Synergy.

Source: Diario del Puerto

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